European Tour 2016 April/May

En Abril/Mayo del 2016 Finisterre Tango se presentó con gran éxito en Holanda, Bélgica, Alemania Y Austria entre otros países.

Project Info

Skills giras - conciertos

Project Description

In april/may of 2016 Finisterre was playing concerts in Holland, Belgium, Germany and Austria, just to name a few countries. In order to present their new repertoire and with the idea of multi-disciplinary concerts Finisterre played with great succes in different locations such as milongas but also concert halls that are not related to the tango scene


Angel de los mostradores
  1. Angel de los mostradores
  2. Del puerto // Finisterre Tango - Pr?ximo disco
  3. Recta final // Finisterre Tango - Pr?ximo disco
  4. Chaperío